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The NEW C.S. Tarot Deck, Second Edition is now available. 


It brings me great excitement to share this new deck with all of you. The second edition is now available for purchase on MPC (Link below). The new deck will have 80 cards, a fully reversible back, three different back design options and no copyright on the front of the card. There is a hard box option available on the Amber linen finish deck, tin options for any of the standard tarot size decks and gold/silver gilded edge options. There will also be three card size options.

There's a mini deck, the standard size Tarot deck as well as a Jumbo version


Thank you for your continued support and patience,  Con

Over the next few days I will update this site with pictures of the decks and information about the creation of the deck. Before purchasing, please have a look at the video below. 

Click here to purchase -

Here are some great reviews of the deck:

Simon from Hermit's Cave did a review of his top RWS decks. He went through 35 and the CS Tarot came in at #2 . The CS Tarot deck features at 1:16

Lisa from Mindful Tarot has also done an amazing review: 

Fellow South African Intuitive Rene has this amazing review

Melissa Zupan has this great, very informative review on her blog below:

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