P.S. what's not going to happen...

I am always fascinated by other readers and whenever I find out about someone who does tarot readings I always go and give them a “try” 99% of what I have experienced out there is precious little more than thumb sucking and superficial. People who have picked up a deck at their local book shop – gone through half a book – obtained a crystal ball, maybe even a silk scarf and jumped into the world of tarot without having much of a clue.


Please note I am not judging anyone else, nor claiming to be better or more authentic - but I will NOT make any false claims that go along the lines of the following...


I was not born with a 'helm'

I am not a 3rd generation psychic (or empath, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient etc. etc.) passed down from my uncles second wife

I am not a medium

That means I don’t speak to or communicate with the deceased and I certainly won’t make claims like “your grandmother has joined us today – you know the one who drank tea and had grey hair”.

I won’t spray you with watered down air freshener / perfume to cleanse your aura.

I won’t BS you about your past life as a Native American Indian wolf trainer a Tibetan monk or my all-time favorite an Egyptian Pharaoh

I don't throw bones…nope

I won’t say anything like "do you know a John...or Johnathan... or Johnny...maybe a Jay?"

I won’t wear a mystical turban and gaze into a crystal ball - I'm a jeans and a t-shirt kinda guy

My office/reading room is not my kitchen table and I don’t have a 3 legged dog/black cat moseying around – nor an eye patch nor a parrot.


I predominantly do readings with the Rider-Waite decks. I am also a tarot aficionado - I collect decks (have about 250 of them) and have developed 2 of my own.  I don’t do angel card readings. My readings are straight forward, insightful, positive and uplifting (even when there is bad news) I do not claim to be a “fortune teller” and I don’t involve/associate myself with anything dark or negative  – enough said ;-)


What you see is what you get – my name is Conrad – that is my actual name – not Raven, Mystic Crow or wondering oracle etc. etc. I have University degrees in Psychology and I’m finishing off a PhD in Counseling Psychology (I have had a private practice as a counselor and Hypnotherapist for over 10 years so if we open a can of worms, we can deal with it :)


I will NOT do readings at an event. Readings are done from my home office.


I am a gentle, highly spiritual and earthy soul - you could possibly even find me hugging a tree (once I’ve double checked for ants and grasshoppers) but only because I know it hugs me back. I like wearing shoes and enjoy strong coffee, bacon and beer.


I have studied tarot extensively over the years – so I speak from my own collective theoretical understanding, my guidance and lessons from wise teachers, my own humble connection with the Divine and my intuition. I do not believe that we all simply float down a predetermined path, but rather strongly know that we can consciously evolve into our own desired destinies through deliberate creation.


So… to you my dear friend … as we learn, feel, grow and discover, may it be good. Let’s look both ways before crossing the street and always be aware of wonder.





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